"The aim of art is not to

represent the outward

appearance of things,

but the inner significance."

Hand Poured Candles
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“Reflecting Art & Curating Sensory Experiences” ™️ 

We decided to journey beyond the extraordinary to produce hand poured beeswax candles that display zodiacs in their unique art form. Zodiacs are always personified by words, while at Zuri Zodiac™  we bring them to life by crafting beautifully made illustrious pieces. 

"The aim of art is not to represent the outward appearance of things, but the inner significance." We believe this quote defines our brand. Every zodiac candle is unique in its own right.

Zuri Zodiac™ Luxury Candle Co. was cultivated in 2020 and established in 2021. We are all about artistic sophistication as well as your respiratory wellness. We only use ethically sourced, American beeswax when creating candles. Beeswax has proven itself to be a natural air purifier! You get the full benefit if you order your candle unscented.

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